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Maria Barnowl


Born in Hawaii and growing up in Northern California, I have lived in the Puget Sound region of Washington for the past 30 years. My Gig Harbor home is sheltered in a few wooded acres, and I enjoy life with my husband and our menagerie of cats, dogs, goats, a turtle, and many fish.

With degrees in Psychology and Zoology, my focus has been on animal behavior. My abiding love of animals and the environment has led me to work as a wildlife rescue-and-rehabilitator, veterinary assistant, geologic surveyor, wetland steward, and photographer.

I wish for a world that lives in peace, where people have enough to eat and homes to shelter them, where differences are viewed as a good thing, and where wild animals, forests, and wilderness lovers can thrive in their natural habitats.

Through my photographic work, I strive to share my passion for our beautiful planet.