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Where Do We Go from Here?

Where Do We Go from Here

The chapters in this book of poems represent
the four seasons of life and nature:
Summer, Life, Winter, and Hope.

Each chapter begins with a haiku that reflects the season, and the poems flow from the past, when we were children playing outside, to the present world we live in, and on to our hopes for the future.

The poems will beckon you to read and reread them, and the feelings they evoke will make you feel right at home - with both the happy and the sad times of life. Where Do We Go from Here? engages readers to go beyond the ideas within these words and to give serious thought to what kind of world we want for our children.

A book of poetry, drawings, and photographs
by Maria A. Barnowl
(formerly Maria A. Boyd Paddock)



“ ‘Skipping Stones’ and ‘Payment’ bring back memories - sweet and bittersweet.
‘The Trail’ gives me a chuckle. You've figured out folks well with that one..." 
- Billy Schafer, Spokane, WA.

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“ ... very inspiring.  The original illustrations and photos enhance the poems.
I like the variety: delightful sparkling humor and keen observation together with profound reflection...
The poem ‘What’s New’ is a thought provoking reflection on [the] world situation and sense of values.
Others are delightfully charming... real talent.” 
- Ellen Hoffman, R.S.C.J., San Francisco, CA.

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“... lovely book. [We] are delighted with it... ”
- Connie Campbell, RSC, San Diego, CA.

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“Your photos are astonishing and the poems are well painted as well.
You really know how to frame... Just keep doing it. All of it. You have a nice relaxed voice.” 
- Linda Rogers, author and teacher, Surrey, BC.

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