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There is only the wild owl.
The pet owl does not exist.

snowy owl

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Harry Potter and his friend Hedwig have created a flutter about owls.
According to the news, many people are beginning to consider
adding an owl to their family.

And while we can't and won't tell you where to buy an owl,
we can tell you it's a BAD idea - for you and for the owls.

Here's why:

 barnowl   Owls are nocturnal. They are typically active at dawn and dusk - preening, stretching, calling, and hunting. 
 owl foot  

They come equipped with a razor sharp beak and talons - used to hold prey firmly and shred through skin, bone, and flesh.


Owls are hunters, birds of prey - they eat mice, rabbits, voles, birds, and other small creatures.  While they don't typically hunt our pets, if trapped in your house they might consider your cat, toy poodle, budgie, or hamster suitable prey.

 owl pellet  

They regurgitate pellets of the indigestible fur, feathers, and bone.  This and other behaviors tend to make their nests rather unappealing to humans.


The bigger owls, such as the Snowy Owl, have large, powerful wings.  Wingbeats that could easily knock things off coffee tables and shelves are much better suited to carrying the owl through the night air.  An owl may have a territory spreading several miles - and it needs this much room to remain happy and healthy.

 barking owl  

Owls are territorial and rather temperamental.  They will vigorously defend their space from any perceived threats - other owls, predators, cats, children...

 snowy owl  

The Snowy Owl is a resident of the Arctic tundra - if all the other reasons haven't deterred you, realize that the temperature in your home will have to be kept at refrigerator level to keep this owl healthy.

Owls are magnificent creatures, perfectly adapted to their wild environments.

They do not do well in cages. To capture something so wild is to destroy it.

As with most wildlife left alone in their natural habitat, owls seldom bother humans or their pets.

Silent flyers and powerful hunters, they are vital part of the ecosystem.

The most noticeable benefit to humans is their contribution to the control of mice and
other rodent populations.

To the human mind, owls have long been a source of myths, legends, and dreams.

The myth and magic do not survive the glare of electric light. Leave it in the twilight, the moonlight, in the silent flight of owls across a wild sky.


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